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A Buff & Beyond Performance Car Care is proudly NJ’s Certified Detailer. We offer GYEON Quartz Ceramic Coating services in NJ with a full range of ceramic coatings. With our level of experience in an innovating industry, we pride ourselves to provide the best level of car care to our clients.

GYEON Quartz Ceramic Coating's innovating technology takes New Car Protection and Car Care to the next level. While traditional waxes and sealants last for only months, GYEON Quartz Ceramic Coating is designed to last for years. Quartz coatings work by combining with the car’s paint on a molecular level and forming a hard layer. On the MOHS hardness test, Quartz can reach a level 9H when layered (for reference, Diamonds are a 10H), meaning that there aren’t a lot of objects that scratch this coating. Quartz Coatings are the most capable form of protection against UV damage and chemical damage like water spotting and insect acids, while delivering intense levels of gloss and making regular maintenance washing fast and simple.

(benefits to Gyeon Quartz)

Self Cleaning Ability | UV Resistance | Extreme Gloss | Ease of Maintenance | Increased Hardness

For maximum durability on paint coatings, regular maintenance schedule must be carried out. We carry specialized maintenance car care products which are designed specifically for coated vehicles .Our GYEON Q²M line offers innovative maintenance products for the preparation and hi-end aftercare of all vehicles, complementing the Q² coating range. We can either perform these maintenance details, or provide you with the necessary products and information to keep the vehicle looking its best for the longest amount of time.

Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coatings

GYEON Quartz ceramic coating services in NJ include a paintwork preparation with a single step machine polish to improve paint condition. More moderate defects and severe cases will require extra costs and can only be estimated in person. For more about our GYEON Quartz ceramic coating services in NJ, click below to learn more or give us a call (609) 642-8206.

    • Our Coating Options:
    • LEVEL 1 - Q² PURE
      Price $1200

      + MORE... - LESS...
      -3 Year Durability
      pH Tolerance: 2-11
      Hardness: Dertified by SGS and KTR for 9H Rating
      Water Contact Angle: > 105º

      In the Level 1 GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating System we use a single layer of GYEON Q2 PURE. Q2 PURE offers the highest level of concentration by volume possible in an SiO2 based ceramic coating at 86%. This is an extremely high performing ceramic coating for all vehicle types and is designed to provide high gloss and capable protection from environmental contamination that will damage the vehicles paint. The gloss is intense and regular maintenance washing is also very fast and easy.
      br>We use the same Decontamination and Single Stage Paint Correction process as the Level 2 Coating System to enhance and prepare the paint
      Price $1500

      + MORE... - LESS...
      5 Year + Durability
      Extreme Gloss
      Effective Self-cleaning and Water beading
      Extreme Chemical Resistance

      Our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System is the best of the best in terms of surface protection. It features GYEON Quartz Q² DuraFlex which uses the extremely capable Q² Base as the base layer and is topped with Q² Flexi as the outer layer. Q2 Base is responsible for the long-term durability and protection against UV and chemical damage. The Q² FlexiQ² is the slickest of all Gyeon coatings and provides highly durable repellency with supreme self-cleaning abilities.

      Price listed includes a Single Stage Paint Correction that will correct any light to medium paint defects to prepare for the Coating. If severe paint defects are present, we will need to adjust accordingly.
    • Q² RimcoatDurability: 1 Year
      Prices $300.00 (includes wheel removal)

      + MORE... - LESS...
      Q² Rim offers superb self-cleaning abilities. It results in limiting the time needed to keep wheels, especially those with complicated patterns, impeccably clean. It protects against too much dust from brake pads being deposited on wheel rims and facilitates regular washing of rims with clean water under pressure. Q² Rim has an endurance capability exceeding 800 degrees Celsius without any damage to its original properties. The fact that this quartz coating is dedicated exclusively to rims is an asset and introduces a new level of quality within the field of rim protection, particularly when compared with conventional, synthetic wax-based products.
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